CV Distribution - Distribute your CV and get a job FAST!

CV DistributionNeed a job quick? No time to search for jobs? - CV Distribution could help.

CV Distribution systems automatically send an uploaded CV to a wide range of Recruiters, Employers and Job Boards etc. Often the candidate can be in complete control of who their CV is sent to.

A candidate may choose to use a CV Distribution service to save time but they may choose to do it because they want maximum coverage for their CV and therefore maximum chances of their CV being found by a potential employer or recruiter!

There are quite a few CV Distribution services available. Some paid and some are FREE.

How can they provide this service FREE of charge? Well, they will earn their money by generating a commission for adding a CV to a Job Board Database or by selling it to a potential Employer or Recruiter on a 'pay per CV' basis. Either way a small amount of money will be earned from the service by the company providing the service. All you have to decide upon is whether you want to pay a fee for it or not!

A few examples of FREE CV Distribution services would include
iCV from Check4Jobs and FREE my CV both offer a good free CV Distribution service so give them a go! Why not try them BOTH! and compare the results.

Paid CV Distribution services include CV Submit Express and CV Trumpet. The prices differ according to the service you require, but they both seem to offer good value for money.

If after reading this article you decide to use one or more of these services, we would be delighted to hear about your experiences. We would even be happy to add your comment to this article (with your permission) so that others can learn from your experience.

We hope that you found this article informative and we would like to wish you all the very best of luck in using these CV Distribution services.

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