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If you have just lost your job, surviving job loss is often achieved by finding another one fast, or if you have a job and want a change of direction or a new career direction, or if you are a student looking for a summer job, you need to know how to go about finding the best jobs.

Searching for jobs in the UK has changed over the last few years. In the ‘old days’ a job seeker would simply pop down to the local job centre to read all the latest jobs from job cards displayed on job boards! Ah! those were the days! But even the local job centre’s have changed. They no longer display jobs on cards on boards, they have an interactive computer screen which displays all the jobs electronically. But the biggest change in finding a new job is online job search!

Online job sites (or job boards as they are often referred to) have now made searching for UK jobs easy. You can search from specialist job boards and career sites like ‘FSJobsite’ or more general job sites like Monster, CV Library, & Careers and Jobs. Most job sites require you to register your details and upload a copy of your latest CV in order to search and apply for jobs placed on these sites by Employers and Recruitment Agencies. These sites provide a vital link between a job seeker and a potential Employed either directly or indirectly via a recruitment company.

CV & Personal Details warning – Please remember that as soon as you register and upload your CV to a job board, you loses control over who has access to your personal information AND you are granting your permission for any employer or recruiter registered with that job board to have a copy of your CV and to contact you by email or by phone! Please be careful!

Lately, we has seen an increase in so called job search engines. These websites are what is called job aggregator sites. These use internet technology and send out internet ‘spiders’ to ‘crawl’ the internet looking for jobs from all sites. These could be employer sites, job sites or indeed any site which has a job or career page on it. Job Search Engine sites include Search4UKJobs, Careerjet & Workcircle etc. These sites can be very useful in providing a single point of job searching. Rather than going to Google and searching for ‘jobs in my area’ it could be very beneficial to visit a job search engine site (like Search4UKJobs) and perform a more accurate search like ‘Accountancy’ jobs in ‘Manchester’ for example. This free search (often without registration or CV Upload) should display all the jobs available using your search key words and location. Jobs listed will include jobs from the major job sites and employer sites with a direct link to the site where a job seeking candidate would need to visit in order to apply.

We believe that if you are happy searching for all the latest jobs yourself, then the Job search engines are the place to go, if you want to be ‘found’ by recruiters or employers and are happy to have your CV available then Job Boards are the place to go.

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We hope that you have found this article useful and we would like to wish you all the best of luck.

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