CV Writing - Top things to avoid when writing your CV

Writing a good CV doesn't have to be complicated. You can do it yourself using Microsoft Word or similar Word processing software or you could use a professional CV Writing service. These are usually very reasonably priced and can save you a lot of time and effort. Using the professionals, they will also advise you on the best CV design and content for your requirements.

I have worked in the UK Recruitment Industry now for many years and in that time I can say that I have seem pretty much everything when it comes to CV's. I have decided to comment on a few items that I believe you should avoid.

Firstly, let's look at the things you should include. Basically, a good CV needs to be CLEAR, EASY to READ, CONSICE, and FACTUAL!

You should start off with your name and contact details.
Feel free to include your email address but please do not include:-
Your National Insurance Number!!!
Your FaceBook (or any other Social Networking sites) URL
Your Bank Account details
Your MSN (or any other instant messaging) details

WHY? - Well think about it, you are applying for a job! and whilst the internet continues to produce many ways to communicate, Employers who are looking for quality candidates will always use the traditional methods of communication. Showing a potential employer that you use Social Media to 'chat' to your friends could actually start alarm bells ringing in their mind as you could spend all day chatting to your friends rather than working etc? Imagine if you have a FaceBook profile which had loads of 'friend style' chat and comments regarding you getting smashed off your face and staggering home half naked etc, would this help you to get that job?

We are all living in a time when personal data is becoming more and more valuable! Why then would anybody include a National Insurance number or Bank details on a CV? If an employer requires these details (and they will if you are successful) they will ask you for them! But please don't include them on your CV because you don't know who may receive your CV! and what they can do with it! I have seen CVs that I could have taken out a bank loan in the candidates name simply with the information contained on their CV! Protect yourself! Please.

Did you know that as soon as you submit a CV to a Job Board or apply for a job or indeed allow any CV to leave your hand, you have lost control over who has access to it! There could literally be thousands of people reading your CV within minutes of it hitting the 'super highway' so please be careful.

Right, next comes your summary or profile. This should contain a brief paragraph about you and what you are looking for followed by your relevant qualifications and history.

Remember that an Employer may be reading hundreds of CVs and you need to stand out as being suitable quickly so that you make the 'shortlist'. An Employer should have to read your entire CV in order to shortlist you. In the first instance, they will probably scan read your first page, so make it appealing.

After this, you should list (starting with the most recent) all your employment - without any gaps! If you have had a gap in employment for any reason, you will need to explain why and what you were doing.

Whilst 'selling yourself' on a CV is a good thing, please don't go overboard and please 'keep it RELEVANT'.

Almost as important as your CV is a good cover letter. Please don't rush this as it is your equivalent of your 'first impression' and you won't get a second chance you make one. If you are requested to 'hand write' this, please take your time and make it the best one you could possibly write. Again, a professional CV writing service will write these for you.

I hope that this article helps you to write a fantastic CV and I would like to wish you all the very best.

The personal opinions of The Job Guru