How to find a new job online!

Looking for a new job?

Job searching online can be a long and challenging task. With so many job boards to visit, and register your details with, upload your CV to and search/apply for any suitable jobs! Nightmare!

What about using a CV Distribution service? Yes, these can certainly help by saving you valuable time and effort. These services can be FREE or Paid service. Prices usually range from FREE to around £80. How do these services work? Well, they either manually or automatically register your details and upload your CV to many of the more popular Job boards & recruiters. Sometimes they will forward your details to a 'specialist' recruitment company depending upon your qualifications and job requirement etc. They will usually use your own personal email address to register your details so that any potential Employers or Recruiters who can help you, or who are interested in discussing their vacancies with you, can contact you directly.

Would I use a CV Distribution service? YES, if I am wanting a job as soon as possible. If I was just looking with a view of possibly applying if anything jumped out as a 'not to be missed opportunity' then, NO.

What about online recruitment agencies? Well, my personal experience of Recruitment Consultants isn't that great. Unfortunately, these people seem to have developed a reputation of being aggressive 'sales' people, who only really care about their commission and not their candidate or client! I know that I am generalising, but this is my personal experience. That said, recruitment agencies will usually be the first 'port of call' for Employers seeking staff to fill their vacancies. So with this in mind, please do contact any recruitment agencies that seem suitable for your requirements. A simple search for 'Recruitment Agencies' or 'Engineer recruitment' for example should produce plenty of results. Just make sure that you build a good relationship with any Recruitment Consultant that contacts you and make sure you explain your requirements and don't be afraid to say 'NO'.

So, just to recap, If you are needing a job as soon as possible, try a CV Distribution service and maybe back this up with your own search for general Job Boards and Recruitment Agencies that the Cv Distribution service hasn't registered your CV with.

If you are not in a rush to find a job, I personaly would recommend that you search for jobs by using the major search engines like Google and enter a specific keyword or words to produce a more accurate result. 'Independent Financial Adviser jobs in Manchester' for example. Choose your registrations carefully, if you use a CV Distribution service, you may lose control over who actually has access to your CV and your private details!

One final tip!
Rather than searching each individual job site for relevant job vacancies, why not try to search for jobs using an aggregator job search tool. (Like the one you will find at the top of each of our pages) These work by searching the internet and importing any jobs in a list format. (more than 60,000 job sites) This should make your search easier and save you lots of time. True, you will still have to register with each job board holding the original vacancy advert, but the alternative is to manually visit each site and search for jobs.

I hope this article helps a little and I would like to wish you all the very best in your search.

The Personal Opinions of The Job Guru