FREE CV Distribution in the UK - Blast out your CV FREE!

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FREE CV Distribution in the UK - Blast out your CV FREE!

If you are looking for a new Job in the UK, there are many ways to go about it. Some can be more effective than others. In my experience, people who are successful in finding new jobs in the UK take a multi-targeting approach.

You see, things have moved on since the job queue at the local job centre. With the increasing popularity of the internet, you will find that most (but not all - read on for details) jobs are now listed online - But where?

Well, if you visit our Job Search facility above, you will be able to find ALL the latest live jobs in your area (and Worldwide for that matter). This approach can save you loads of time alone! But what if I were to tell you that not ALL jobs are advertised? Would you believe me?

But if jobs are NOT advertised - how can you gain access to them?

Easy, top recruitment companies (and even large employers) have access to very large candidate and CV databases. Why would an employer or recruiter pay for very expensive advertising if they already have access to thousands, or even millions of potential candidates to fill their vacancies. You want proof? Take CV Library for example, at the time of writing this they currently have 3,784,012 Live CVs and growing every day. If your CV isn't registered with CV Library, upload it now free of charge here.

CV distribution is the new way of automatically sending your CV out to top recruiters and employers. There is a full list of CV distribution services on our Resources page. Some are free while others charge a small fee of around £30. Even if you just opt for the FREE CV Distribution in the UK, you stand a much better chance of getting a new job AND a chance of being considered for those 'hidden' jobs that will never be advertised.

Give CV distribution a go and good luck.

FREE CV Distribution in the UK - Blast out your CV FREE!